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How to Create Easter PowerPoint Slideshow Simply?

Easter Day is around the corner. It is the greatest feast day of the Christian calendar, celebrates the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. But for non-Christians, it's a kind of weird one. In this morning, have you prepared to hunt for colored eggs in your yard which were left by a rabbit? Yes, right? Then let's go!

It is no doubt that Easter Day is a happy day which is full of pleasures. So you want to record your Easter day by a PowerPoint slideshow, but how to make an excellent PowerPoint slideshow for Easter Day? Here we got a solution. In this article, we will give you some tips about how to create Easter PowerPoint slideshow simply. If you desire to create Easter PPT slideshow, then just keep reading this article.

how to create a easter powerpoint slideshow

Make an Outline for Your PPT

For an excellent PowerPoint presentation, the outline plays an important role in the slideshow. If you are a teacher and you want to make a teaching course PPT slideshow about Easter Day, you must pay more attention to your PowerPoint presentations. You need to decide what to mention first, what to mention second. Consider whether to add some pictures, music or interactive sessions in the PPT. When you have done the outline, the following things are just a piece of cake.

Choose an Proper Template for Your Easter PowerPoint

A good template decide the tone of your PPT presentations. You can search Easter PowerPoint templates in Google or other searching engines. Or you can select one from our site. We have collected some free Easter PowerPoint templates here. We hope it will help you lots.

Select Contents

According to the use of the PowerPoint slideshow, you can select proper descriptions, pictures or music into it. For teaching purpose, some typical topics can be mentioned in the presentation, such as Easter calendar, Easter Day history, Easter customs, Easter Day celebrations, and so on; If you only want to make a PowerPoint slideshow to share with your family or friends, then you can only select some funny photos and choose your favorite songs as the background music.

After that, you can add some special effects into the PowerPoint slideshow, like transition, animation, etc. on the basis of your own specific needs.

Turn PowerPoint Slideshow into Video Files

We know that there are so many Microsoft PowerPoint versions existing on the market. So if the recipient doesn't install the same version on the computer, then he could not open the PowerPoint slideshow successfully. So in order to avoid such things, we highly recommend you to convert PowerPoint to video with the best PowerPoint to Video Converter software. With it, you can convert and upload the PowerPoint video files to the website or play them on any portable devices without any restrictions.

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