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How to Convert Excel to PowerPoint?

excel to powerpoint converterHow do you convert Excel to PowerPoint?
How to convert excel to PowerPoint?
Can you convert excel to PowerPoint?
How to convert excel to PowerPoint slide?

There are so many questions about converting Excel to PowerPoint on Yahoo Answer. If you have the similar problem, then you have come to the right place!

As a matter for fact, no Excel to PowerPoint Converter is needed for converting excel to Microsoft PowerPoint sildeshow. For Microsoft PowerPoint provides you the ability to convert an Excel file into a PowerPoint document. According to Microsoft Office Online, some converters are installed when you perform a typical installation, but you can run the Office Setup program if you require additional converters.

Following is the steps of how to convert excel to PowerPoint. Let's see how it performs.

Steps: How to Convert Excel to PowerPoint

Step 1. Open Microsoft PowerPoint and click "File > Open" to choose the excel you want to convert from, change "Files of Type" to "All Files (*.*)" in the "Open" dialog box.

Step 2. Navigate to find the Excel file you want to convert into a PowerPoint file and click on "Open". The Open Worksheet dialog box will open.

Step 3. Choose to convert the entire workbook or worksheet, then click on "OK". Your Excel file will be placed into PowerPoint.

Step 4. Click on "File" and "Save" and choose the PPT file format. Name the file and press "Save". Done!

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