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How to Copy a Video to PowerPoint Presentation?

As known to all, adding video files to PowerPoint can capture your audience's attention and present information in various styles. If you want to copy video files to PowerPoint or bring video clips to PowerPoint, at the very beginning you need to make sure the video files that compatible with PowerPoint.

What's the best video format for PowerPoint? PowerPoint can only understand WMV, AVI, MPEG, MOV video if we have Windows PC. But the best PowerPoint video formats are WMV and AVI. So if the video files are not compatible with PowerPoint, you need to check this guide to convert your video to PowerPoint friendly format first.

Then, you can check the details below to see how to copy videos to PowerPoint 2007/2003.

Tip: Most video files are not stored directly in your PowerPoint presentation. Instead, they are just links to files stored elsewhere on your computer. If presenting on another computer, make sure necessary video files are available.

How to Copy Video to PowerPoint 2007

If you are using Microsoft PowerPoint 2007, you can copy video to PPT presentation 2007 with only 2 steps:

Step 1. Run the PowerPoint presentations and click the Insert button, then Movie.

copy video files into powepoint 2007

Step 2. Click Movie from File to copy the videos into PowerPoint 2007.

How to Copy Video to PowerPoint 2003

If you are using Microsoft PowerPoint 2003, you can check the steps below to bring a video to PowerPoint presentation.

Step 1. On the Insert menu, go to o Movies and Sounds, and then click Movie from File.

how to copy a video to powerpoint 2003

Step 2. Choose the video you want to copy to PowerPoint and click OK, then choose Automatically.

Step 3. Right-click the movie object and on the shortcut menu, click Edit Movie Object to adjust video volume or change video display features.

Step 4. The Movie Options dialog box appears. select what you want, and then click OK.

Now you can save your PPT presentation to where you want it and then open it and check to make sure the video is working properly. So easy to copy a video to PowerPoint 2007/2003?

To share the wonderful PowerPoint files you made with your friends, you can convert PowerPoint to movie, transfer PowerPoint to iPad, upload PowerPoint to YouTube, view PowerPoint on TV, etc. Hope this article helps you a lot!

convert powerpoint to video