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How to Put Music on a PowerPoint?

The question about putting music onto PowerPoint:
I am making a slide show on microsoft PowerPoint and want to insert music from my computer to play in the backround. How do you add music into PowerPoint?

The easy solution to put music on a PowerPoint:
We usually use music in MP3 or WAV format in our PowerPoint presentation. It is better to download or choose the music in MP3 format, for it has the smallest file size and good quality as well. Here below is a tutorial about how to put music to PowerPoint presentation and get it to span across multiple slides or the whole range of slides. And you can also record sound in PowerPoint to make your slides more interesting.

Note: If the music files you wanna put on your PowerPoint are not the compatible format, you need to check this guide to convert video to PowerPoint first, it can help you convert both video and audio files to PowerPoint friendly format.

Tutorial: How to Put Music on PowerPoint 2007/2003

Step 1: Open a PowerPoint file and point to Movies and Sounds on the Insert menu, then click Sound from File.

Step 2: Click the music file you want to insert and click OK, then choose Automatically.

Step 3: Right-click to the loud-speaker icon on the slide, find Custom Animation and click it.

Tips: Make sure that this added music file is placed in the primary of all the animations sequences. If not, drag it to the primary.

Step 4: Right-click the added music animations sequences and find Effect Options and click it.

Step 5: Find Stop playing and check After, and then specify a value bigger than the quantity of the slide quantity of the current PowerPoint file. In other words, if there are 10 slides contained in this PowerPoint file, you have to specify a value >10, 11 or 12.

how to add background music to powerpoint

Step 5: Click Timing tab and find Repeat, choose the option of Until End of Slide, then click OK.

That’s it! It’s not that difficult to add music to your PowerPoint presentation to make it more funny and entertaining. Enjoy it!


  • If you are downloading music from the iTunes service, you will need to convert them to MP3 format first.
  • Keep your music/sound file in the same folder as your presentation ensures the link will still work.
  • If you choose When Clicked play option, the sound will begin when you click on the sound icon that appears on the slide.

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