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How to Save a PowerPoint on a Flash Drive?

how can i save powerpoint into flash drive I have never used a flash drive before but I just bought one right now and I need to save the PowerPoint that I made on to flash drive. Can anyone help me on how to save my PowerPoint on my flash drive?

Saving your PowerPoint presentation on a flash drive makes it easy to transfer the file and provides a convenient backup at the same time. If you don't know how to copy PowerPoint onto a flash drive, here we provide the step by step guide for you.

Note: If you want to convert your PowerPoint to flash video, then you can check this guide to convert PowerPoint to flash free. Of course, if you once have the plan to burn your PowerPoint presentations on DVD for better sharing or storage, then the PowerPoint to DVD converter download here would be a good assistant for you.

Quick Start: How to Save PowerPoint Files onto Flash Drive

Step 1. Open your presentation in PowerPoint and then click the Office button and choose "Save As".

Step 2. Click "Computer" on the left to bring up a list of all your computer's drives.

Step 3. Insert your flash drive into a free slot on your computer.

Step 4. Double-click on your flash drive, for example, "J:". Watch the "Computer" window carefully right after you insert the flash drive; the drive icon that changes wording or colors is usually your flash drive.

Step 5. Click "Save". Your PowerPoint file is now saved on your flash drive.

Step 6 Click "Start" > "Computer", then right-click on your flash drive and choose "Eject".

Then you can remove the flash drive from your computer. That's all the steps of how to save a PowerPoint on a flash drive.

Tip: If you remove the flash drive from your computer without choosing Eject, you run the risk of corrupting your PowerPoint file.

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